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  • Date: 2016-09-20
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High-density swaged integral anti-shock tungsten CNC milling shank




The milling shank is widely used in the mechanical field, such as CNC lathe, drilling machine, tapping machine, milling machine etc. With users’(customers’) more requirements on the parts and moulds processing, more and more high-speed CNC machining centers,  all these reasons demand a higher level of  high efficiency, high precision, high speed. So lead to a substantially growing need of high-density swaged integral anti-shock tungsten CNC milling shank.



High-density swaged integral anti-shock tungsten CNC milling shank developed by our company is a product of new materials, which is mainly produced through forging processing. After a series of thermal-mechanical treatment, the mechanical properties of rods are greatly improved. Tungsten alloy can be made into different shapes, but the most common shape is round rod. Heat treatment can improve the mechanical properties of the rod.


The ultimate tensile strength of the common tungsten alloy rod is 920 MPa, and the hardness is 25HRC. However, after the rotary forging, the ultimate tensile strength can be increased to more than 1200 MPa and the hardness can be up to 35HRC. Maximum ultimate tensile strength could be about 1450 MPa , the hardness is more than 45HRC .


This kind of forging rod is one of our main products. The composition is 92%WNiFe. According to the needs of customers, it could be processed into various types of milling shanks.



1 The high-density swaged integral anti-shock tungsten CNC milling shank has high coefficient of elasticity, so it can greatly improve the anti-shock resistance performance, eliminate the shock during machine processing, which has great benefits on the product quality, machine tools and frock clamp, cutting tools, production efficiency, and operation environment.

2 Except the anti-shock resistant performance, the tungsten milling shank also has a certain toughness, and unbreakable. It can protects the accuracy of the equipment.

3 It meets the need of customers’ demand of deep hole processing, overcoming the difficult problem of shock during the deep hole processing. The high stability level of the anti-shock performance , keeping the cutter service life longer .

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