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Hardware Tool Technology R & D reform of international development difficulties

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In recent years, China's hardware industry has little progress, but far behind the development of machine tool industry. According to the data, China's current annual sales of 14500000000 Yuan for the tool, the hard alloy cutter accounted for less than 25%, not only with the international market tool product structure from the domestic manufacturing industry, but also could not meet the growing demand of cemented carbide cutting tools.


    At present, the tool structure imbalance is the production of tools and demand the wrong way. For example: the user needs hard alloy cutter gap is large, but the high-speed steel cutting tool however overproduction; the modern manufacturing industry in urgent need of efficient tool gap is large, but low standard cutting tool is overproduction. International Mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association secretary general Luo Baihui considered that from the development trend of mechanical manufacturing industry, the future high performance CNC machine tools in China factory in the proportion has increased year by year, demand of efficient and advanced cutting tool will increase quickly, and the requirement of traditional standard tool will be reduced year by year.


    "China's hardware tools production and export country, which in global sales of electric tools, mostly from China's production and exports, China has become the world's leading suppliers of electric tools. Although China's hardware tool industry scale is larger, but because of weak technological innovation ability, market structure is too single, weak brand factors, often lack the core competitiveness of many hardware tools production enterprise, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger." Luo Baihui pointed out that, because domestic tool enterprise independent innovation, focus only on the "short, flat, fast" low-end product benefits, follow the beaten track, not to the enterprise market transition change, not willing to invest the introduction of advanced equipment, technology and update, process, in the face of the lack of basic research. The market transformation, always have a wait-and-see fluky psychology, and other enterprises to develop new products, enjoy to carry on the simple analysis, slightly adjusted for finished products, blindly follow the trend of the market, completely ignoring the saturation of the market and the enterprise required. Following development often this quick, can only rely on other outstanding foreign enterprises, loss of initiative innovation development, the overall level of system products always hovering around 80%--90%; due to the lack of exploration of deep technical products and leading to the foundation innovation ability is weak, product development can only stop at the "like God does not like".


R & D system not perfect to gather together a breakthrough

    Some prominent problems at present is weak, enterprise based management exist for a long time can not be resolved effectively, has become the bottleneck of enterprise to do better, scientific development. Among them, the R & D system management has become an important part of enterprise management innovation. Compared with foreign enterprises, the gap still exists, in the domestic enterprises to establish R & D center of research and development project management, high-level talent introduction and training, staff incentive system optimization of soft power. In addition, the lack of the guide industry strategic height on the R & D team, not parties to the comprehensive advantages of resultant force to break through the key difficulties; scattered and differentiation of weak R & D rill, often trying to crush one by one to the problem, but often do or blocked lag, the results can only be the "shape" and not the "god".


Research and development system of the accumulation of small production instability

    The cutting tool industry includes the base material design, structure design, tool coating appearance of structural design, special digital technology development and other fields of knowledge, of any subject theory, the upgrading of technology will drive the cutting tool industry technology system changes. Also in the production line, and the stability of micro deletion program any link above technical association or floating is bound to affect the tool performance index. On the substrate material, grade components in the domestic companies are basically the same, hardness, density, coercive force and other conventional performance reports are basically the same, but the actual use of performance feedback uneven, some good and some bad. To break this "like God does not like" the embarrassment, the urgent need for the development of tools for each link and accumulation, to explore the relationship between the layers connected, consistent, linked together, so as to guide the actual production, ensuring the stability of product, to find the” key both God shaped". The lack of supporting services ability of homemade tool cannot do their "god". Application in the market and the service level, foreign tool enterprise product variety is complete, has not only limited to the production of tools, they can also provide the corresponding service according to the customer demand, really want to clients, and thus often can be firmly occupy the market. In contrast, because of the market structure of the standard tool has long dominated the domestic tool enterprise and user, between the enterprise is just a simple buyer seller relationship, and some are even only through agents, simply do not refer to service. Therefore, no power to service the vast majority of domestic tool enterprise basically, resulting in domestic tool enterprises even can produce high quality products, but not for processing customer reasonable matching, can often underutilized in the production line, the "form" to the "God" and can not play.


      Facing the present situation of the "appear united outwardly but divided at heart", north of a CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. chief engineer Liu Yuling said, to make the domestic machine tool companies do more improvements in the "original innovation, the production of sophisticated, turnkey capabilities".


    At present, foreign well-known tool enterprise development impetus is not decreased, in this case, to achieve sound and rapid development of domestic tool enterprises, need to break the existing ideas. According to customer’s perspective point of view, make progress and grow up together with customers, develop the actual demand products, instead of using cutters with foreign countries. We need to have the enough ability to produce cutters also has the ability of applying in actual operation. Only in this way, we can have really strong theoretical knowledge of professional practice and solid strong then have our right of intellectual property.

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