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Titanium and tungsten alloy selected national new materials catalog

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The authorities told the China Securities Journal reporter said, "The Ministry of Industry is to develop strategic emerging industries in the catalog of the new materials industry." Industry Association has collected new materials catalog reported to the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry is to determine the eventual inclusionthe new material type and variety of strategic and emerging industries. It is understood that the only non-ferrous metals industry reported a nearly new variety of materials including titanium and tungsten deep-processing products (carbide) has determined that the selected national new materials catalog.
General concern by the market as one of the seven strategic emerging industries, new materials, products range, a description of the relevant documents in this regard is more general, the catalog of the Ministry of Industry is developing new materials is a further refinement of the file.
Informed sources, the Ministry of Industry is not yet completed the classification of new materials, new materials can be divided into basic materials, functional materials of the development of information industry, nuclear energy and new energy development, protection materials, as well as major national projects of the precursor material, such as four categories. With previous industry speculation is slightly different, some of the basic metal material appear in the directory list is reported.
As for the countries through which policies to support the development of new materials industry, the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research, an expert said that some important material support varieties will be funded directly from the "12th Five-Year" during the country's 16 major science and technology. For example, support R & D of nuclear materials from nuclear power research and development of special funds.
According to reports, the emerging industries of strategic planning the introduction of new materials will be focused on the support of the industrial middle and lower reaches of rare metals special plan being drafted with the Ministry of the formation of convergence, "Rare Metal special plan will mainly for mining and smelting.
In addition, the previously circulating in the industry to be 10 kinds of rare metals varieties policy of purchasing and storage, the authorities said, as of now, the only rare earth purchasing and storage of Development and Reform Commission, aspects done special research, due to huge differences within the industry, has so far failed to reach a unified view, purchasing and storage of rare earth taking place in the short term. Purchasing and storage of other rare metals projects, the NDRC has not done any form of research, also have no plan.

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