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Carbide tool material continues to introduce new

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A few days ago, the 10th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2007) was successfully held on display show the carbide metal cutting tool materials and the development of new grades faster. The development of new grades of cemented carbide tool material, mainly around the carbide materials the improvement of the matrix and coating technology to improve the two complement each other, and jointly promote the continuous introduction of new grades of the new high-performance carbide cutting tools .
In the matrix material, in addition to ultra-fine grain, gradient alloy, this exhibition also exhibited a mixed-grain alloy and high-performance carbide substrate materials plus Other elements in the matrix material, to further improve the carbide matrix material properties. Along with the matrix material properties to improve and enhance the level of tool coating technology has made more rapid development, a large number of new coating showing the trend of diversification and the series, an endless stream of new grades of carbide materials, greatly increased the hard alloy cutting tool performance.
The nanostructures coating (Nanocoating,) technology is a rapid development in recent years, a new coating technology, coating materials, grain size is generally less than 100nm, has a good cutting performance. The exhibition, domestic, outside a number of companies have a nano-structured coatings new brand launch.
Introduced new grades of cemented carbide tool material from the exhibition can be seen, the cemented carbide tool material grades towards the development of two opposite directions, on the one hand, the more widely the applicability of general-purpose grades, versatility increasingly the stronger. On the other hand, special grade that more and more targeted, more responsive to the processed material and cutting conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of improving cutting efficiency.

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