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Cobalt price will remain high

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Supply, the 2008 Cobalt price is likely to remain at the high point of 30 years. During the holiday season turnover sparse, with the end of the holiday, the offer of cobalt, up $ 1.5. Norjlsk Nickel Cobalt price is raised to 41.25 US-shaped pounds, in addition the industry is also concerned about the new offer of the BHP website.
Low-grade diamond prices currently quoted at 40__41.5 U.S. $ / lb higher than that the Christmas before the 38.5__40 of dollars / pounds; high-grade cobalt rose from 40-42.5 dollars / pounds 41.5-45 U.S. dollars / pounds. BHP in the December 14 sale price of $ 43 / lb, the current offer of $ 45 / lb. On the fundamentals of strong demand Xstrata and Chambistli, yields are lower than expected.

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