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The coating cemented carbide cutting tools: the best choice for Machining titanium alloy materials

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The so-called is cemented carbide with high hardness refractory metal carbides and specific adhesive sintering of powder metallurgy products. The heat ability cutting temperature is up to 800-1000 degrees. At the same time because of the carbide cutting tools of high hardness, good sharp, wear resistance, more durable than high speed steel cutter, its shape retention is the high speed steel is unmatched. Another carbide cutting tools have long service life, good quality of processing, high precision. Therefore widely used in the processing of various materials.


  Titanium alloys, namely (alpha beta) titanium alloy, in TC4, TC6 is commonly used in aircraft engine fuel accessories; including TC4 is a typical representative of this kind of alloy. Titanium alloy material, high hardness and cutting performance is poor, and easy to produce work hardening phenomenon, brought difficulties to machining. The emergence of carbide cutting tools to solve this problem.


  For better hardness and wear resistance of titanium alloy processing cutting tool material, has excellent heat resistance, at high temperatures can maintain high strength and toughness, as well as the damage resistance and impact resistance. Satisfies the requirements of the cutter has: ceramic cutting tool, coated carbide tool, cubic boron nitride (CBN) tool and diamond cutting tool (PCD) etc.


  Including coating cemented carbide cutting tools are cheap, and has good thermal conductivity and high hardness, also performed well in such aspects as red hardness and toughness, although than ceramic, cubic boron nitride (CBN), class, thermal stability and chemical stability of diamond tool is less, but better than the ceramic and class diamond tool with high impact resistance and damage resistance. Therefore has become a preferred processing titanium alloy cutting tools.

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