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The tungsten raising the cost of market demand in the doldrums

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According to the United Kingdom, "Metal Bulletin", wolfram (65%), spot prices remain at 160 ~ $ 170 / metric ton. The spot price of the European market Chung tungsten amine (APT) began in 242 ~ $ 247 / metric ton, and finally 232-234 U.S. dollars / ton.
The U.S. market
The U.S. market APT prices remained in the 250-255 U.S. dollars / short ton front-line. Chinese exporters in by raising the cost of the multiple difficulties of overseas markets, weak demand and lower export tax rebates, consumer providers for high-priced resisted. U.S. Defense Reserve OSRAMSYIJVANIA company sold 2.1 million pounds of tungsten, valued at $ 25.2 million. This
Is a weak market transactions.
U.S. and European markets
Downturn in market demand in Europe. U.S. domestic production growth and diversification of import channels allows buyers to reduce the dependence on Chinese sources. As of September 30, 2007
Financial year, the North American Tungsten Corporation is located in Canada Yu-KON region CANTNG ore concentrate production of 286,000 tons, an increase of 20%.
The domestic market
National Bureau of Statistics, 2007 to November tungsten concentrate production '72638 tons, an increase of 7.7%. Starting from July 1, a mixture of 13% export tax rebate cancellation, Blue Tungsten 5% export tax rebate is also canceled. Tungsten and products export tax rebate from 13% down to 5%. Although the person in charge of the National tungsten mining enterprises forum to determine the decline of GB a Class Ⅱ wolframite minimum price for the lO million tons of shaped standard, aimed at curbing domestic prices continued to fall (from 10.5 ~
108,000 yuan / ton dropped to 9.9 to 10.1 million / ton), but most manufacturers do not improve the offer of tungsten concentrate market prices are still below the minimum limit. Ministry of Commerce and State Taxation
Administration announced that the levy of 7-9 yuan / ton ore resource tax from August 1, 2007.
2008 trends
Tungsten products in China since January 1, 2008, double the export tariff, the export quota of 14,900 tons, 500 tons less than in 2007, the Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers
Is concerned, the days will not be easy, it is estimated that the price will be raised slightly.

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