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There are still rising space forecast price of tungsten

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In recent years, varieties of small metal had bright eyes, tungsten price volatility also continued positive growth, tungsten association continue to slightly increase APT and tungsten powder forecast average on March, wolframite concentrate prices continue to maintain a high of 75000 Yuan/ton, it is shown that the market will keep going up in the future.


    On March 8th, tungsten association published average price of wolframit concentrate is 75000 Yuan/ton this month from flat; APT 105000 Yuan/ton, chained up 2000 Yuan/ton; medium tungsten powder price is 168 Yuan/kg, rised 6 Yuan/kg.


    Because of raw material production enterprise is rising, merchants are holding stock for better price, there is little transaction concluded. As second reform benefit varieties after rare earth, and based on the policy expected continued fermentation, tungsten price is difficult fall down and easy rise in short term, it should be up rise in the future.

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