Mudanjiang North Alloy Tools Co., Ltd., affiliated to Heilongjiang North Tools Co., Ltd., was established in 1953. Our company produce tungsten alloy and cemented carbide products. We are the earliest production base of cemented carbide and tungsten alloy products in domestic.The company produces more than ten varieties of high-density tungsten alloy products, including tungsten alloy bar, tungsten balls, tungsten alloy blocks……{more}

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        Mudanjiang North Alloy Tools Co., Ltd.
        ·Address: No.56 Xing Ye Road, Yang Ming District, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, China
           Domestic Market      General Manager: Zou Qinghe
                         Tel: 0086-453-6293467, 6223506
                         Fax: 0086-453-6265714
           International Market   Contact: Carrie Lee
                         Tel: 0086-453-6258366
                         Fax: 0086-453-6265714  
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